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Running a project ICO is easy and safe with ICOadmin

We help startups raise capital. Our simple, convenient turnkey interfaces for an ICO assist startups in bringing in funds quickly and easily, helping investors get involved in creating new business opportunities. We also assist investors in buying tokens in a convenient manner.

About Us

ICOadmin is an ICO innovation designed for startups and promising projects. We have the backing of information security and marketing experts, so the process is honed down to the final detail. We’ve helped launch ICOs for many ambitious projects, including Jury.Online, Erachain, CrowdWiz and Viuly.

  • We need 7 days to launch an ICO
  • We ensure the security of all ICO stages
  • Detailed technical support during ICO

An ideal three-stage ICO for an ideal startup

  • Presenting your project.Tell us about yourself by completing our simple form
  • Preparing a project proposal.We study your project description and prepare a detailed action plan
  • ICO launch.We will be ready to launch an ICO within 7 days of receiving your order

Our Services

  • Smart Contract

    We help you create smart contract specifications. The solution will be ready-made and customized for the market characteristics.
  • Smart Contract audit

    A prepared smart contract undergoes a mandatory security check.
  • Placing tokens on the exchange

    Trade tokens freely on the exchange after the ICO launch.
  • Credit card and cryptocurrency support

    Full-fledged crowdfunding using both fiat money and the main cryptocurrencies.
  • Compliance support

    Comply with the requirements of regulators in different countries and carry out KYC checks on your customers. We make it easy for you.
  • Information support

    Get the software you need and learn about the basics and fine points of ICOs.

Advanced Dashboard

Investing is easy

A Dashboard is an online account set up for your investor. It allows the investor to buy tokens, send them to a wallet, track the transaction list and participate in referral and bounty programs.

Credit card and cryptocurrency support

More financial resources translate into more investment. Raise new capital in both cryptocurrencies and fiat money.

Referral and bounty programs

Learn about our referral program: invite new participants and launch more profitable ICOs. Join our bounty program and earn performance-based tokens.

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Our Clients

    CrowdWiz is the first decentralized investment fund created and supported by Tradologic.
    ATFS Project is the world’s first decentralized AgriTech & Food Science crowdfunding project built on Ethereum Blockchain.
    Patron ICO is a platform which shares economies of influencers all over the world by block chain technology.

Our Partners

  • Marketing support for ICO launches.
  • Russia’s digital marketing leaders.
  • The first ever holding consisting entirely of IT projects.

Information Partners

  • A cutting-edge publication on the crypto investment environment.
  • An influential Internet-based global financial media outlet.
  • A communication platform for blockchain and cryptocurrency experts.