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Fully-customized investor dashboards and smart contracts

  • $200 million USD raised
  • 23 succesful ICOs
  • №1 tech solution

About Us

ICOadmin is an innovative tech company, aiming to provide secure and convenient ICO software solutions, including ICO platform, bounty software, ICO consulting and smart contract development. The team behind our product consists of leading software developers with experience the following technologies stack: Ruby on Rails, Jenkins, mongoDB, PostgreSQL. Together with our dedicated, professional marketers, account managers, and support teams we strive to deliver the best possible experience support and security, and assist our clients in launching their ICO.

  • Provided 23 dashboards for ICOs
  • Raised $200M on our platform
  • Over 150k contributors

Our Products

  • Dashboard
    DashboardICOadmin’s multilingual dashboard solution with variety of custom features will ensure your ICO’s success as well as in achieving all your milestones.
  • Smart Contract
    Smart ContractWe create customized smart contracts for crowdsale based on ERC-20 or ERC-223 standards.
  • Smart Contract Audit
    Smart Contract AuditICOadmin audits smart contracts developed by 3rd parties to ensure outstanding quality and reliability.

Advanced Dashboard

Investing is easy

The ICO dashboard has been designed to make participating in an ICO as easy and pleasant as possible for your backers. Starting with a convenient sign up via social networks, multilingual options and a guided token purchase process, our ICO platform delivers an efficient and enjoyable experience to achieve high conversions. With the help of out ICO consulting team you will be able to launch ICO both fast and easy in les then 24 hours.

Credit card and cryptocurrency support

To make investments even more accessible for everyone we have integrated credit card and wire transfer payment processing in various fiat currencies (USD and EUR), while also supporting a range of leading cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Stellar, etc)

Referral and bounty programs

To encourage investors to spread the word about your project we have developed a two-tier referral system with opportunity to track specific performance and have created bounty program. As an admin you would have the option to give custom bonuses to special investors and even attract new investors with airdrop solution. We have also developed bounty software that will lure even more investors to participate in your Initial Coin Offering.

Dashboard Features

  • Multiple cryptocurrencies & fiat money

    Multiple cryptocurrencies & fiat money

    Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Stellar, Credit Card & Wire transfers support, WEX vouchers.
  • Multilingual


    Dashboard available in multiple languages (EN, RU, ES, ZH-CH, IT, FR, DE, KR, JP, HI, PT) and we can translate it to any additional language.
  • KYC


    The solution with a compliance role in CMS allows to the validate identity of your backers to avoid legal issues.
  • User friendly

    User Friendly

    We use social networks and e-mails sign up & log in to increases conversion rates and provide better investment experience.
  • OTP or 2FA Authentication

    OTP or 2FA authentication

    One-time password (OTP) or two-factor authentication (2FA) secures backers’ account.
  • Admin panel

    Admin Panel

    We provide Admin panel (CMS with ICO settings) where you can easily set, update, and manage manage all of your ICO configurations (wallets, users, purchases, etc).
  • Security and reliability

    Security and Reliability

    We provide reliable performance of the servers with DDoS protection. The uptime of our server is 99,9%.
  • Triggered emails

    Triggered E-mails

    Fully-customizable triggered emails for efficient communication with your backers.
  • Referral program

    Referral Program

    It allows to reward backers for bringing more participants to crowdfund your ICO with custom bonus schemas.
  • Custom purchased bonus

    Custom Purchased Bonus

    Assign personalised purchased bonus based on a user profile.
  • Hosting and Administration

    Hosting and Administration

    Provide safe and reliable hosting and administrate dashboard allocation on elastic servers, to handle any traffic.
  • Date Export

    Data Export

    You can export all the e-mails, contacts and purchases information based on applied filters.

Our Services

  • Dashboard

    ICOadmin’s multilingual dashboard solution with variety of custom features will ensure your ICO’s success as well as in achieving all your milestones.
  • Smart Contract

    Our specialists help in developing a high quality and error free smart contracts for your business. We can assure correct execution of any specific rules generated on the blockchain.
  • Creation of Tokens

    Token creation is a complex procedure. We can provide your business with turnkey creation of tokens for your ICO.
  • Digital Marketing

    We have a proficient marketing team which deals with top tier ICO projects. Our services include display advertising, contextual advertising, PR, media buying, targeted email campaigns etc.
  • Social Media Marketing

    It’s necessary for an ICO project to negotiate and provide audience with relevant information via social media channels. Our experts would be happy to take all these responsibilities.
  • Public Relations

    Media presence is very much necessary for a successful ICO. You can rely on our PR team, which has significant experience in this sphere.
  • Bounty Programs

    Bounty programs remain the top solution for any ICO marketing campaign. We can develop a detailed scheme with rules, rewards and security protocols suited for your business.
  • Whitepaper

    We have huge expertise in Whitepaper creation. That is why we can describe concept and logic of your token in the best possible way. Whitepaper is an instrument of great importance, so rely on professionals.
  • Onepager

    A Onepager is a document that gives a high-level overview of your product or business. They are great for promoting your business location, or giving a synopsis or a product to the person in charge of purchasing. Our professionals will help you create exhaustive Onepager for your ICO.
  • Concept Creation

    Our research team will develop the detailed concept of your business with structured roadmap. These instruments provide investors with clear idea of your project and the way they can relate to it.

Our Clients

    Jury.Online is a platform for responsible ICOs, it provides tools that ensure investors in the transparency of project’s crowdfunding.
    Patron ICO is a platform which shares economies of influencers all over the world by block chain technology.
    ATFS Project is the world’s first decentralized AgriTech & Food Science crowdfunding project built on Ethereum Blockchain.
    CrowdWiz is the first decentralized investment fund created and supported by Tradologic.
    Keep all games in one profile, see what friends are playing, and find your next great game.
    Mandala is empowering cryptocurrency adopters, traders and investors of all skill levels.
    First decentralized marketplace providing AI-driven solutions to retailers, manufacturers, and consumers.
    Gavel Coin is a cryptocurrency for auctions and for trading goods and services.
    This network will decentralize and democratize trading, allowing individuals and institutions to trade directly with one another.
    Bountie aims to be the middle ground that bridge the professional esports player and the casual gamer.
    Box2Table is a technology startup, which provides food & beverage enterprises with a comprehensive cloud-based Software as a Service.
    First fully integrated football club stock exchange and fan marketplace harnessing the power of the blockchain.
    IceBreakerAR‘s solution is comprised of four components working in unison to provide a fun, secure and seamless user experience.
    Decentralized and incentivized healthcare Revolutionary AI & a sophisticated dual blockchain model.
    Blockchain-based freelancer platform, which is owned and operated by Payperblock Ltd and is used to connect professionals and jobs.
    The world’s first community music label on blockchain.
    Building the most advanced and robust Trade engines, one of the most secure, fastest and robust platform today.
    The project provides a crypto-token backed by Colombian emeralds that applies blockchain technology.
    With GoldCash Coin all the benefits of gold exist digitally. In contrast to the current cryptocurrencies.
    Making skiing more affordable by creating a digital economy across the worldwide skiing community.

Our Partners